Adam Babajee-Pycroft

In the past, he’s always been a big advocate for remote research. Last year, he decided to change his agency’s whole approach from self moderated (where participants would follow a list of tasks we wrote in advance) to actively moderated remote research.
In this talk, we’ll explore what they learned along the way, such as:
● How to convince people to let you try it in the first place
● How to write tasks for remotely moderated testing
● Finding the right participants
● Common mistakes and issues

Adam Babajee-Pycroft is Managing Director (UX) at Natural Interaction in Bristol. Fueled by coffee and heavy metal he’s spent the last 12 years delivering successful User Experience projects. He’s delivered results for a range of clients from automotive giants like BMW to SAAS Startups such as Solverboard.

Before founding Natural Interaction in 2010, Adam rapidly worked his way up AXA Life UK from taking phone calls in Customer Service to leading UX activity across the business.