Laura Yarrow

In her talk, Laura will be speaking about how understanding the neuroscience and psychology of storytelling can be used to make your user research findings more impactful, learnable and memorable.  As humans, we are unique in being able to create and respond to stories. But why is that? What goes on in both the speakers and listeners brains when we tell them? How can this underused – and often underrated – skill be leveraged, not just by user researchers, but many types of roles? With lots of practical tips and some humorous personal stories along the way, you will come away with some fascinating insights that will not only help you communicate better, but get that all important buy in for the work you do.

Laura is a UX Architect at Experience UX. She has spent the last 12 years in the digital industry, first as a web developer and eventually moving into User Experience Design, fuelled by a growing curiosity about the people she was creating products and services for. Her passions are ethnographic research, behavioural psychology, and game theory. When she’s not immersed in experience design and spending time with her family, she can also be found reading, taming her garden, and playing the piano out of tune.